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Our Beautiful Girls

Pandora Z Udoli Upy

Hips0/0 Elbows 0/0


Born 12-27-2018

Pandora comes to us from the Czech Republic. She is a strong female with an  outstanding working drive. Her ability to easily switch from working on the field to being a great family companion is unmatched. Pandora have received her BH and ZVV1 title, we are currently working on getting her her IPO2 title. The girl is a force to be reckoned  with!

Pandora picture laying down 2.jpg


Winter Königin von Schwarz

Hips/Elbows -Being X-rayed 3-2-21

Born 2/27/2019

Winter is the girl that started it all. She came to me at a time when I was looking for a friend and she has been just that. Her loyalty to her handler is unmatched. She has a great working drive and her prey drive is unmatched.  Winter is an amazing family dog and has kept a watchful eye on my boys from the day we brought her home. Her agility is strong and is eager to please.  Puppies from winter will  make excellent active family dogs, and for people  that are interested in learning dog sports. 

Winter in the water

Greys Anilorak

Hips- Normal Elbows-Fast Normal. Spond-0


Born 10-8-2018

Greys comes to us from the Czech Republic. She is a strong sable  female with real protection, strong bite and clear in the head.  She has medium to high drive  with the ability to turn off and settle nicely in the house with my two young children. She is a really fun dog to work and is always up for anything. Greys has her BH title and is  currently training for her IPO1 title.

Greys walking on a leash
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